• How To Carry Extra Fuel On Motorcycle- Reliable Solutions

    Flexible solutions for storage of fuel, water, chemical and other liquids

    Thinking about riding through remote areas? Having a back-up fuel reserve is a necessity.
    Nowadays, popular adventure
    Motorbike Fuel Tanks come with six to seven-gallon gas or fuel tank. And this range of fuel tank is okay to enjoy a trip but having a reserved back-up is just important for times when you get lost, run out of fuel, or find your petcock has been leaking.

    When it comes to carrying fuel from one to another location, most people scared of it because they think that it is illegal. But it is not more than a myth because you can carry fuel but in a sensible way that proves to be safe for you as well as for those around you.

    So Let’s Consider Some Reliable Solution to Carry Fuel:

    1. Touring Jerry Can

    These cans are the perfect and safest solution for carrying fuel from one to another destination. Touring jerry cans come with eyelets in each corner and drain funnel. They are slightly more rigid and stiffer material than the jerry flex range of tanks. The best part of these cans is that they are can easily carry up to 2 to15 liters of liquid without any risk of leakage. With nut and tail and drain hose, they allow you can ease of transferring fuel. Look no more, shop robust external fuel storage & enjoy your adventurer ride with peace of mind.

    2. Camping Fuel Bottles

    Camping Fuel Bottles are another best option to carry fuel on a motorbike. These come in various small sizes 0.5 or 1 liter which makes them practical to shove down the side of your panniers. You can easily buy these bottles online or from any fuel bladder store.

    3. Stackable Storage Cans

    Another reliable and robust liquid storing solution Stackable storage cans. They can bolt on to pannier frames, rear racks, or engine bars and will give you anywhere between 4 to 20 liters of extra fuel per can. These stackable Extended Range Fuel Tanks are made of very heavy duty thick plastic that’s why they are crush resistant.

    4. Attachable Side Mount Fuel Canisters

    Mount fuel Canisters- Another option for those who are looking for a reliable and reliable motorcycle fuel storing solution. These fuel storing canisters come with 8 oz. (227g) size which is perfect for extended adventures. Its self-sealing valve allows the canister to be removed from the stove burner for transportation.

    5. Plastic Bag Cans:

    The plastic bag cans are also a perfect motorbike fuel storing solution. These cans are manufactured with high-quality plastic. In such kind of plastic cans, you can store up to 5l to 6l of fuel and carry from to another destination easily.

    6. Backpack Bladder

    These Backpack Bladders are also named Jerry Flex-fuel bladder. Backpack bladder has been popular with the weekend rider wanting extended fuel range in a flexible container. They are made from the robust 1.3mm / 1250gsm Reinforced Mil Spec TPU and available in 265mm wide x 380mm high. It means these bladders can easily store 2l to 3.5l fuel.

    7. Flexible Fuel Bladder

    Fuel bladders have been used for many years by the military and on boats and they come in a large variety of sizes. They are made of heavy fuel safe plastics, welded at the edges, and have been proven to be an excellent method for short term storage of gasoline. Due to their flexibility, these bags are a convenient way to carry extra fuel without any risk of leakage or get punctured.

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